EVmo is devoted to proliferating the presence of environmentally friendly vehicles while providing diverse vehicle options to meet drivers’ needs

Expansion & Diversification

  • Expand geographic presence from regional to national coverage and reconfiguring existing locations with local resources tailored to local markets
  • Diversify our rental fleet with a wider array and more vehicles to increase scale, the range of customer options, and markets served.
  • Incorporate Car Sharing that leverages EVmo’s current tech
  • Small purpose built utility and delivery type vehicles
  • Explore the use of Electric bikes (e.g. Rockit Bikes) to be used in super-urban and urban environments for delivery of groceries, hot food, and small to medium retail consignments


Partnerships & Acquisitions

  • Increasing the number of fleet vehicles through strategic partnerships
  • Leverage OEM emerging technology offerings  
  • Fleet acquisitions continue to be a powerful opportunity for EVmo to increase fleet size and market share at a lower expense
  • Partnership with major charging company (Blink) as well as with large campuses and states

ICE = Internal Combustion Engines

EVmo Car Share Fleet Management

In addition to its own fleet, EVmo allows fleet owners to feature their vehicles on the platform.

Leveraging EVmo’s state-of-the-art fleet management technology, fleet owners can utilize the platform to provide drivers with even more vehicle options