EVmo delivers a high-value, high-profit solution to rideshare and delivery companies and drivers alike.

  • Delivery drivers gain access to outfit Cargo vans during high peak delivery seasons.
  • RideShare Drivers have higher earning potential with less out of pocket expenses.

Rideshare Rental App

Rideshare & Delivery Drivers

EVmo drivers progress with the EV offering and gain credibility and ratings, and the ability to earn more and drive the car longer.

EVmo drivers have no time commitment, yet their retention validates the company’s program value.

EV Bikes

Delivery titans like DHL and others are currently using electric bikes across their network.

Electric bikes can be used in super urban and urban environments for delivery of groceries, hot food, and small to medium retail consignments

With 85 miles of range, these bikes are scoped to operate for more than 8 hours per day on a single charge. The “cargo space” can accommodate up to 40 cubic feet of usable space for delivery material.


  • Zero emissions
  • Low to no maintenance
  • Reduce amount of delivery vehicles on the road
  • Reduce costs to drivers