Everyone’s going green. Electric Vehicles (EVs) are destined to become the mainstay by 2030, and several trends have paved the way for a full transition to EVs. The significant shift in expected volume of EVs by 2030 is based on three factors:

Customer Sentiment

  • With increasing demand for clean energy and sustainable products, consumers are drawn to electric vehicles for their environmental benefits
  • EVs are becoming increasingly comparable to their combustion counterparts (in terms of price, milage, and number of options in the marketplace) – fueling the demand for the eco-friendly alternative

Policies & Regulations

  • Fuel economy and emission targets are constantly reviewed and implemented by governments, and shaping OEM strategies and consumer preference
  • City access restrictions, bans, or taxes for using older combustion engines
  • Some governments are offering a financial incentives to make the electric switch

OEM Strategic Shifts

  • Ford plans to invest $22 billion in vehicle electrification through 2025, an amount that’s nearly double its prior plans, the company said.
  • GM is also becoming more aggressive with its EV plans, and aspires to stop selling internal combustion cars, SUVs and pickups by 2035.
  • Apple will work with Hyundai on an electric car
  • Tesla growing and expanding it’s EV product line

With their growing fleet of technology-enabled vehicles and driver-centric customer platform, EVmo provides a flexible, convenient, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient solution for drivers across the Rideshare and Delivery industries.

The rideshare and delivery industries are rapidly growing and following global trends by Going Green.

The US Rideshare and Delivery markets are expected to reach $175B and $40B by 2025, respectively.

Environmental and sustainability objectives drive electric vehicle policy support at all government levels and support aggressive transformation towards Green Energy.

Rideshare and Delivery customers are inclined to choose a green alternative when one is available

Drivers are able to increase their earning potential, thanks to incentives and bonuses for those who use Electric Vehicles (EVs).

Bridging the EV Demand Gap

Electric vehicles (EVs) are set to replace carbon fueled vehicles

  • Availability of electric vehicles in the Rideshare and Delivery industry needs to keep up with demand and changing customer sentiments

Drivers may be deterred by high costs associated with owning vehicles/EVs

  • Maintenance and insurance can be barriers to entry into the EV rideshare/delivery business.

EVmo is well positioned to fill market need and help pioneer the EV pervasion throughout the rideshare and delivery industries

  • Leveraging expertise in fleet management technology and logistics for Car Sharing initiatives
  • Passing opportunities and savings down to drivers and consumers
  • Offering drivers the ability to rent EV, Hybrid, and standard vehicles of all sizes for their rideshare or delivery gigs

EVmo’s Sustainability  Impact

We strive to incorporate sustainability in our investment and decision-making processes.

We guide our Our Principles for Responsible Investment policy to all categories of investments including venture, growth, credit and infrastructure investment.

We attain to invest in companies that reduce carbon emissions or provide the foundation to help our partners accelerate their transformation towards a net zero carbon future.