EVmo is a technology-enabled fleet management and rental company, which connects gig drivers with electric, hybrid, and delivery vehicles.

Technology – Enabled Fleet Management

  • Manage fleet of Electric Vehicles (EV), Hybrid Vehicles, and Delivery Vans
  • Advanced Connected Vehicle Technology
  • Utilize innovative technology solution for fleet management optimization

Online Rental Marketplace

  • Technology platform for booking management, payment, and support
  • Mobile and web applications for drivers and fleet owners
  • Platform integrated with fleet management technology

Customer Experience Focus

  • Intuitive platform designed for ease of use
  • Insurance, maintenance, and support included
  • Flexible options for drivers and fleet owners
  • Enabling drivers to pursue higher-earning opportunities


Through EVmo’s Rideshare Rental™ platform, drivers can conveniently create an account in minutes

  • No credit check necessary – EVmo uniquely serves and leverages the large segment of drivers with traditional credit challenges
  • Mobile and web app can be accessed from any phone or computer

Drivers can browse through EVmo’s impressive fleet of EV and hybrid vehicles or delivery vans, and book by the day, week, or month

  • All rentals include commercial insurance, support, and maintenance at no extra cost
  • Fleet owners can also list their own vehicles on the platform

Drivers may easily manage or extend their rental via the site or app, tailoring to their own rideshare or delivery needs

  • The platform includes integrated payments for streamlined transactions.
  • All vehicles in EVmo’s fleet are equipped with telematics and kill switches to help EVmo monitor activity and minimize risk.


Founded in Los Angeles, CA

Began with fleet of 75;
Focused on Technology Enabled Fleet Management.

Rideshare Rental Platform is Launched

Introducing seamless customer rental experience  and control of fleet.

Electric & Hybrid Vehicles are Introduced to the Fleet

Expand into CarShare operations with Blue LA and BLINK.

600+ Active Cars on Platform
& Presence in 7 Cities

Capitalizing on expanding Gig economy, entering new vertical markets with Campus and Commercial strategy.

Projecting 6,000+ Active Cards on Platform
& Presence in 11 Cities

Markets aligned with Electric Vehicle concentration and infrastructure.

Expand to 10K+ Active Cars on Platform
& Presence in 21 Cities

75% of fleet will be Electric or Hybrid; 50% of the fleet to be operating under commercial or institutional contracts.


32k+ drivers in our CRM network
600+ active cars on platform

Will have up to 1,000 cars by Dec 2021
6,000 cars expected by Dec



  • Fleet-as-a-Service Model
  • Managed fleet of purpose-specific vehicles
  • Able to bridge both supply (rental vehicles) and demand (gig work)
  • Rideshare, Managed Mobility, Commercial fleet agreements 
  • Company deploys owned/leased assets to respond to market demands
  • EV transition strategy

vs. Car Rentals (such as Hertz, Enterprise, Alamo, Budget)

  • Focused on business travel and day rentals
  • Slow to react to changing market demand
  • Lower utilization rates than EVmo
  • Slow evolution to EV
  • Limited EV strategy, largely tied to OEM broader production portfolio 

vs. Car Sharing (Such as Hyrecar, Zipcar, Getaround)

  • Primarily Peer-to-Peer rental
  • Limited control of vehicle quality and control
  • Slow to react to changing market conditions 
  • Strategy dependent on third party availability

EVmo’s Experience

  • Established in the rideshare industry – tens of thousand of passenger rides under our belt. 
  • Best positioned to leverage experience to deliver the strongest EV offering in a rideshare environment.
  • Leveraging valuable lessons learned – focus on driver at every level of planning, built based on user experience and latest technology
  • Deep roots in rideshare driver behaviors – valuable data and experience in rideshare and delivery market helps optimize driver user experience

EVmo’s Market Position

  • Headquartered in California, one of the most progressive EV state in the country – EV user acceptance is high
  • Firmly positioned in Los Angeles and San Francisco markets (2 of Top 10 EV cities in the US)
  • Has plans to grow in all top 10 EV cities in the US.
  • Rolling out aggressive strategy to be a mixed fuel fleet.
  • More established in the rideshare market, on track to grow presence in delivery industry, providing vans and bikes.

EVmo’s Diverse Fleet

  • Diverse fleet – comprised of leading vehicles, delivery vans and cargo bikes.
  • Robust fleet electrification plan – driven by the most reliable energy solutions and technology-based operational efficiencies. 
  • EVmo will be the first fleet with a rotation of cars that are available to drivers to switch to if the car they are currently driving is low on charge.

EVmo’s Strategy

  • Focus on innovative solutions to optimize driver’s experience
  • Will leverage federal, state and local incentives, in turn benefitting and passing savings on to the driver
  • Partnerships with leading EV fleet and service providers, including ChargePoint and Tesla.
  • Deliver and develop technology to make EV cars in the rideshare, delivery and EV cargo space an easy and obvious vehicle solution.


 Technology Development

  • Adding and enhancing fleet management technology and processes. Increasing EV car availability and reduce expenses for repairs, maintenance, turnaround, and fit-out.
  • Adding new billing and collection technology, and servicers that will reduce AR delays and increase collection-to-loss ratios.
  • More features for drivers and fleet owners to increase efficiencies and customer satisfaction.
  • Expand use of API integration resources allow for connectivity with fleet owners, driver programs, CRM applications, and AR/AP solutions.

 Operational Excellence

  • Reducing driver acquisition cost through creation and management of driver content, messaging, education, and other resources.
  • Continue to build professional and tech-enabled sales forces to optimize sales territories, decrease driver acquisition cost, and drive revenue growth.
  • Continue to improve the effectiveness of fleet team with new management, focused training, strong customer relationships, and ongoing technology enhancements
  • Major effort being made on building strong data-centric operations, strong safety culture, fleet management efficiencies, higher fleet availability, collections, and other key milestones.

 Marketing & Strategy

  • Pursue additional partnerships with gig platforms to connect drivers with more options and benefit from affiliated references
  • Serve as a resource to connect drivers with new gig opportunities including food delivery, package delivery, advertising, and product sales.
  • Partner with driver consulting, education professionals, and efficiency experts to increase the EVmo driver success rate and increase Retention and Lifetime Value.
  • Collaborate and partner with government agencies, university, and local municipalities to enable transportation initiatives.