EVmo is a technology-enabled fleet management and rental company, which connects gig drivers with electric, hybrid, and delivery vehicles.

Technology – Enabled Fleet Management

  • Manage fleet of Electric Vehicles (EV), Hybrid Vehicles, and Delivery Vans
  • Advanced Connected Vehicle Technology
  • Utilize innovative technology solution for fleet management optimization

Online Rental Marketplace

  • Technology platform for booking management, payment, and support
  • Mobile and web applications for drivers and fleet owners
  • Platform integrated with fleet management technology

Customer Experience Focus

  • Intuitive platform designed for ease of use
  • Insurance, maintenance, and support included
  • Flexible options for drivers and fleet owners
  • Enabling drivers to pursue higher-earning opportunities


Through EVmo’s Rideshare Rental™ platform, drivers can conveniently create an account in minutes

  • No credit check necessary – EVmo uniquely serves and leverages the large segment of drivers with traditional credit challenges
  • Mobile and web app can be accessed from any phone or computer

Drivers can browse through EVmo’s impressive fleet of EV and hybrid vehicles or delivery vans, and book by the day, week, or month

  • All rentals include commercial insurance, support, and maintenance at no extra cost
  • Fleet owners can also list their own vehicles on the platform

Drivers may easily manage or extend their rental via the site or app, tailoring to their own rideshare or delivery needs

  • The platform includes integrated payments for streamlined transactions.
  • All vehicles in EVmo’s fleet are equipped with telematics and kill switches to help EVmo monitor activity and minimize risk.