April 9 2021
EVmo, Inc. Interview on Bloomberg Television U.S. on the RedChip Money Report



April 8, 2021
EVmo provides drivers with the vehicles they need to earn money in the gig economy



March 11, 2021
EVmo orders Tesla EVs with ambitious target to be fully electric by 2021 year-end


February 4, 2021
RideShare Rental CEO sells controlling stake to Acuitas Group resulting in change of leadership


January 21, 2021
Rideshare Rental receives an additional $2M line of credit to fund fleet expansion


January 20, 2021
Rideshare Rental moves HQ to larger facility in Beverly Hills to help facilitate growth strategy


January 19, 2021
Rideshare Rental preliminary 4Q guidance shows highest net revenue in company history


January 15, 2021
High volatility in YayYo, Inc. stock price on Friday which ended trading at $0.85 (Updated on January 15, 2021)


January 13, 2021
Rideshare Rental CEO confident in group’s progress, increases stock position by 5M share


December 17, 2020
Rideshare Rental enters the last mile logistics space as demand ‘spikes through the roof


November 23, 2020
Rideshare Rental driving into the electric vehicle space with new partnership


October 14, 2020
RideShare Rental (formerly YayYo) deploys AI cameras in 300 vehicles of its Rideshare Rental carsharing fleet


September 21, 2020
RideShare Rental’s (formerly YayYo) pivot during COVID-19 helped company survive and return even stronger than before



December 20, 2019
Gig Economy Targeted to Grow Beyond $440 Billion by 2023



January 9, 2019
How to profit from the highly anticipated ridesharing IPOs in 2019 with Uber, Lyft and RideShare Rental (formerly YayYo)?