EVmo is the leading technology-enabled fleet management and rental company, connecting gig drivers with electric, hybrid and delivery vehicles.

Leading the rideshare charge.

EVmo, Inc. bridges the gap between rideshare drivers in need of a suitable vehicle and rideshare companies that depend on attracting and keeping drivers. EVmo is a leading provider of rental vehicles to drivers in the ever-expanding gig economy, providing unique support in both the higher and lower economic categories with innovative policies and programs.

As a technology-enabled fleet management and rental company, EVmo is committed to a high-value, high-profit solution to rideshare and delivery companies and drivers alike, with sustainable electric and hybrid vehicles.

A cleaner, better electric future.

The rideshare and delivery industries are rapidly growing and following global trends by going green. The US rideshare and delivery markets are expected to reach $175B and $40B by 2025, respectively. Environmental and sustainability objectives drive electric vehicle policy support at all government levels and foster aggressive transformation towards green energy.

EVmo is well positioned to fill market need and help pioneer the EV pervasion throughout the rideshare and delivery industries, and, EVmo is devoted to proliferating the presence of environmentally friendly vehicles while providing diverse vehicle options to meet drivers’ needs.

Additionally, rideshare and delivery customers are inclined to choose a green alternative when one is available. Because of incentives and bonuses for those who use Electric Vehicles (EVs), Drivers are able to increase their earning potential.

EVmo’s Rideshare Rental App

A smarter way to get around town.

• Affordable – low monthly membership fees and rates
• Convenient – centrally located rental locations
• Reliable – new, practical, comfortable and fun cars
• Electrifying – good for the environment and your wallet

Technology enables engine start, stop, lock and unlock of the vehicle.  App based functionality monitors charge and range.